For energy efficient glass, think about sealed units

Do you have difficulty seeing out your windows?
Is there condensation trapped between two glass surfaces?
Are you unable to clean your windows properly?

The problem is that the seal on your thermo-seal unit has failed!

There is no need to buy a new window. The solution: replace the failed thermo-seal unit.

A thermo-sealed unit whose glass has been perforated no longer has the characteristics of a sealed unit. The main function of insulating glass is to allow daylight to pass through while keeping bad weather out. To reduce heat gain or loss through windows, two or more sheets of glass can be sealed together in order to create an insulating glass unit. Most sealed units consist of two glass sheets separated by a hermetically sealed space filled with air or gas. The sheets of glass are held together by a spacer all around the perimeter. The spacer contains a material called a desiccant that absorbs humidity. The desiccant (silica gel) keeps the air or gas inside the sealed unit free of all visible humidity. The entire perimeter of the insulating glass unit is sealed using two sealing agents (double seal).

The energy performance of a sealed unit can be greatly improved by using various types of solar control glass, by using the right type of spacer used and/or by adding fill gas. This is why there are many different types of energy-efficient glass on the market, commonly referred to as LOW-E glass.

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