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The wide variety of glass products available on the market today is quite impressive!

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Whether for cabinet doors, shelves, doors, windows, counter tops, interior wall divisions, showers or above dinner table or desktop, there is a wide variety. Specialists at Vitrerie Dorval and Vitrerie de l’Île offer cleared, colored and textured (pattern) glass.

Safety Glass

It is important to know that safety glass is available to protect people in their homes and in public places. We offer our expertise for the installation of three types of commonly used safety glass: tempered, wired, and laminated.

Fireplace Glass

There are two types of glass used for fireplaces: tempered glass and PYROCERAM or Robax. This glass is often used for decorative fireplaces where the temperature does not exceed 250˚ Celsius. Once it is tempered during the manufacturing process, this type of glass cannot be cut nor have holes drilled into it.

The other two types (PYROCERAM or Robax) are highly heat-resistant and designed for high-temperature fireplaces. This type of glass is resistant to temperatures up to 800˚ Celsius and to temperature variations and thermal shock.

Glass Tabletops

When you purchase a new wooden table for your kitchen or a new piece of furniture for your bedroom or living room, the best way to protect your investment is to cover it with a piece of clear or tinted glass that has been cut to size.

Experts at Vitrerie Dorval and Vitrerie de L’Île can come to you in order to create a cardboard template in the proper shape.

When choosing the right glass, it is important to consult a technician with respect to the various options that are available for the edges

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