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Services Available at Vitrerie Dorval and Vitrerie de l’Île

Repairs for Windows, Patio Doors and Commercial Doors
When the glass or sealed unit in a window or door is broken, it is important to have it repaired quickly in order to secure the premises.

These types of doors often contain glass or thermo-sealed units with tempered (safety) glass. When this glass breaks, it shatters into countless small pieces, which is why it is important to repair it quickly in order to secure the premises.

If your door is a standard size, there is a good chance that we have the right size tempered glass or tempered thermo-sealed unit in stock, so that it can be repaired the same day. If not, it takes approximately 5 to 7 business days for delivery. In these cases, we suggest that you temporarily install regular glass.

Don’t wait to deal with this type of problem. We are happy to help you make the best decision by explaining the various repair procedures.

Manufacturing and Installation of Commercial Lobbies
Did you recently purchase a new commercial building? Are you looking to replace an outdated lobby or install office partitions? Contact us for information. We work with A. & D. Prévost, which is one of the best-known manufacturers in the business, to provide you with made-to-measure service.

Manufacturing and Repairs for Window Screens and Screen Doors
We carry a wide variety of parts and accessories used to manufacture and repair screens.

We can work with various types of aluminum extrusions (mouldings) required by the various types of window models available in order to repair your window screens and patio door screens like new.

There are three types of mesh used to repair window screens: Fibreglass (black), aluminum (clear or black) and super-resistant.

The same products are used for patio door screens. For the past ten years, we have been using a super-resistant screen that is designed for animals, which is very handy for those times when you forget that the screen door is closed.

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